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SlalomSkateboards-'The One'. The Multifunctional Hybrid Slalom Deck


SlalomSkateboards - 'The One'.
Multifunctional Hybrid Slalom Deck.
CNC Machined Triple Cut-Away Wheel-Well System.
8-Ply Hard Rock Maple.
Length - 30 Inches.
Width - 9 Inches.
Wheelbase - 22, 21 and 16 Inches.
Radial Concave.
6 and a half Inch kick-tail.
Graphic- 'The One'.
Uses:Giant Slalom, Hybrid Slalom, Tight Slalom, Old-School Pool, Park Cruiser.

A beautiful hybrid slalom deck; the generous three position CNC machined wheel-well cut-aways reduce the risk of wheel-bite across each truck position. Stable on hills thanks to its substantial 22 inch wheelbase, quick on the flat with the 21 inch wheelbase, plus super nimble through the tightest modern courses due to the shorter ergonomic board length. Bolt your rear truck at the 16 inch bolt hole position and use as a head-turning cruiser, or old-school pool board. Skill!

Decks individually shrink-wrapped.

(Note: we occasionally sell complete set-ups with trucks, wheels, bearings, grip-tape etc; contact us for details.)